Plue’s Better Late Than Never 2013 Recap!

 photo cherry_blossom_jask.jpgcredits to JASK

It’s only 1 more day till Chinese New Year, so how’s your spring cleaning/ shopping/ Chinese New Year errands going on? Me hopes you have done most of it! 😀

I have done most of my errands for Chinese New Year, except getting my hair done, because I just don’t have the time for it. Spring cleaning (with the help of le sis) and shopping for the clothes/ household items etc took quite a fair bit of time. If I may say so, Chinese New Year came way too fast!

Anyways, I’m here to clear off the dust on the blog (that is counted as spring cleaning too right? RIGHT?), and hope to tell you a bit of my 2013, which I went super quiet after May. LOL.

I haven’t had a lot of going on in 2013, but there’s quite a few moments I want to share with you.

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Guerlain Sakura Cherry Blossom G Blush & TheBalm Down Boy – Excellent Combo!

A totally back dated post. Oops.

 photo guerlain_thebalm_downboy_brush_zps40a731ac.jpg

Guerlain Sakura Blush, TheBalm Down Boy, Etude House retractable blush brush and Posh blush brush has been my to-go blush combo and tools ever since I purchase both blushes at almost the same time, because they complement each other and I like the soft glowy pink cheeks it gives me.

 photo guerlain_sakura_blush_zps704402d4.jpgGuerlain Blanc de Perle Blush G Sakura Cherry Blossom Blush

On it’s own?

Sheer and shimmery. The colour hardly shows up on me if I were to use any soft blush brush, like Lunasol’s Cheek Brush. Need a denser and stiffer brush. Yeah, that’s where the retractable, soft but scratchy Etude House blush brush comes into picture. Slide half the way up till it forms a denser brush head, sweep across the Sakura blush, and gently scratch sweep it on your apples of your cheeks. Then take a fluffy blush brush, sweep across the Sakura blush and lightly brush along your cheekbones. You get stronger colour on the apples of your cheeks with a light flush of colour on your cheekbones. Repeat if you find the colour still too sheer for your liking.

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