DIY: Personalized Card Holder Using Deco Tapes!

Taking a quick break from work.

If you have been following me on Instagram or on Twitter (midnight_plue), you’d see me showing a bit of my latest addiction, tapes. Yup, decoration tapes, washi tapes, deco tapes, sticker tapes, fabric tapes etc… They are all TAPES.

I lost my Touch n Go card holder which I bought from Taiwan last year, and I was really bummed. I really liked it and had updated it with a nice lace-y tape to make it look nicer, and due to my clumsiness and the evil LRT tracks, I lost it. Forever.

I couldn’t find any replacement which was an instant love for me, so I bought a lanyard and a transparent plastic card holder. Being really bored and unhappy with it’s look, I decided to play around with the tapes I have on hand. Took me an hour to complete this, because of the finishing! The darker red tapes were the ones that took most of my time!

diy_deco_wm, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppTapes are from Isetan, which cost me less than RM10 for 3 rolls, lanyard (RM1) and transparent plastic card holder (RM0.70) from Popular bookstore, my faithful scissors from Jusco, which I have been using since 2004?

And that’s my latest DIY. Cost much lesser than collecting makeup, so I think I maybe moving towards DIY and crafting for a while, whenever I have time. No, I am still very much in love with my blushes and nail polishes, but I am not that attracted to the current season’s makeup items.

Now I need another pair of smaller, thinner scissors… and of course… more tapes!

8 thoughts on “DIY: Personalized Card Holder Using Deco Tapes!

  1. MisSmall

    I suck at crafts and stuff, so I’ve always envied people who could DIY…keep up the good work, gal! 🙂
    MisSmall recently posted..Ally McBeal


    plue Reply:

    hello! I can’t do much crafty things too, but this is quite easy, and mistakes aren’t that visible, I believe you can do it too!


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