The Almighty Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash

PhotobucketJohnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash

Tell me you don’t know about this picture or the brand above here and I shall spank you! Really, I would. :p

I never knew of it wonders until Kahani wrote about it, and while she loves it to bits, I, on the other hand finds it hard to believe that such a gentle product you can use it for a myriad of things!

Like the saying goes, “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

  • Brush cleanser? Checked.
  • Facial wash? Checked.
  • Handwash your delicate laundry? Checked.
  • Body shampoo? Checked.
  • Hand wash? Checked.
  • Clarifying shampoo? Checked.

I don’t know what else am I missing because it’s basically what I use this baby shampoo for. I’ve had friends telling me this is just weird to be using such a multipurpose product on my face. Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but then again, this stuff works.

It’s really mild, since it’s made for babies, so if you can use it for babies why not for adults? Shouldn’t be harmful. I’d even use it to handwash my inner wear when I am travelling, and it works perfectly fine. As a brush cleanser, it cleans good enough so I have got no complains.

As a clarifying shampoo, I find that it works well but it does leave my tips dry. A hair mask/ conditioner fixes things though. Facial wash? When I have horrible skin day and can’t be bothered with it, this is my to-go facial wash. Easy peasy. No breakouts or anything. Just a clean face.

This is always in my travelling bag and I have re-purchased it countless times. It’s what I call “the essential item”, like what would fashionista think about the LBD that never goes wrong.

The Almighty Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash certainly deserves it’s title!

I also found something else which works as lovely makeup brushes cleanser too! And it’s still from trusty Johnson & Johnson. Although it’s not as almighty as it’s younger sister (I believe Top-to-Toe came into the market much later), it certainly has a special place in my heart.

PhotobucketJohnson’s Baby Conditioning Shampoo

Smelling my freshly washed brushes always bring me a good trip down memory lane. My brushes are soft and clean and smelling like how I used to smell, isn’t it a happy day?

Happy Friday to you ladies!

5 thoughts on “The Almighty Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash

  1. Kahani

    Yes, spread the good news that is J&J Head to Toe. I haven’t bought a cleanser since I started using this! (Scrubs don’t count)


    plue Reply:

    I still buy cleansers but I always go back to J&J when the skin is acting up! Lifesaver this J&J!


  2. dom

    great review! you’ve got me wanting to get this next time. i bought the travel-sized version of the conditioning shampoo and it works occasionally … my hair is too thick!
    dom recently posted..Haul Post: European Luggage


    plue Reply:

    maybe use more than what you usually use? i wash my hair an extra 1 to 2 times depending on how dirty is my hair 🙂


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