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Been using this lotion (it’s actually a toner, but the Japanese called it lotion) for a while now and I think it’s time for a proper review. Has been ages since I reviewed a toner after my last one, which is from Hada Labo.

It’s gel like but turns into liquid when you pat onto your skin. Has this weird lemon-floral scent, which I don’t really enjoy. But luckily it isn’t strong, so I am still okay with it.

Performance wise, I’d say it’s on par with Hada Labo’s lotions, provides the moisture that I need but it’s not on my “i’m-loving-it” list.

Why? Simply because it leaves a sticky film, no matter how little I use. I haven’t got that problem with Hada Labo as long as I watch how much I am using. And at least Hada Labo’s lotions never make the moisturizers that I put on feel sticky, but this one, it makes my moisturizers feel stickier than usual!

The only good thing about this is that it comes with 1000mg of collagen, which at that point of time Hada Labo still haven’t brought in the ones with Retinol. I suspect Retinol’s function for the skin is similar to what collagen does for the skin. I believe both works to plump up the skin and makes it feel firm, am no scientist so I am not too sure, but that’s what I think after doing a bit of Google research 🙂

Does the collagen thing work? Highly doubt so. I feel that the Olay’s Micro Sculpting Cream does so much better in making my skin feel firmer, but of course this is a lotion and I can’t compare with a cream, right? 😉

This lotion isn’t meant for me, but the cream from the same range, that’s another story though 😛

Below’s the ingredient list:


5 thoughts on “Sana Hadanomy Collagen Lotion

  1. xin

    now so many products with ‘haba, hada’ so confusing lah. dont know which belongs to which brand already


    plue Reply:

    lol maybe it’s a marketing gimmick to make consumers confused so they end up buying another item? heheheh 😀


  2. Jen

    Thanks for your review! I am JUST about to review it on my blog as well! :p haha I actually felt this lotion/toner thing was really good on me since I have dry skin :p
    Jen recently posted..Two week cleansing cycle DONE!


    plue Reply:

    I think for dry skin ladies it will work great, but not so much for me who got combo-oily skin 🙂


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