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DIY: Personalized Card Holder Using Deco Tapes!

Taking a quick break from work.

If you have been following me on Instagram or on Twitter (midnight_plue), you’d see me showing a bit of my latest addiction, tapes. Yup, decoration tapes, washi tapes, deco tapes, sticker tapes, fabric tapes etc… They are all TAPES.

I lost my Touch n Go card holder which I bought from Taiwan last year, and I was really bummed. I really liked it and had updated it with a nice lace-y tape to make it look nicer, and due to my clumsiness and the evil LRT tracks, I lost it. Forever.

I couldn’t find any replacement which was an instant love for me, so I bought a lanyard and a transparent plastic card holder. Being really bored and unhappy with it’s look, I decided to play around with the tapes I have on hand. Took me an hour to complete this, because of the finishing! The darker red tapes were the ones that took most of my time!

diy_deco_wm, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppTapes are from Isetan, which cost me less than RM10 for 3 rolls, lanyard (RM1) and transparent plastic card holder (RM0.70) from Popular bookstore, my faithful scissors from Jusco, which I have been using since 2004?

And that’s my latest DIY. Cost much lesser than collecting makeup, so I think I maybe moving towards DIY and crafting for a while, whenever I have time. No, I am still very much in love with my blushes and nail polishes, but I am not that attracted to the current season’s makeup items.

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Proud Moment: Ugly Turn Pretty

A quick post from me featuring a really quick DIY.

You know how irritating it is when PVC start falling into pieces, turning what was once a lovely piece of item into a mess.

Yeap that’s what happen to The Bodyshop bag. The PVC coated handle started falling apart quite some time back and I just don’t know what to do with it. I just tape the handle with clear cellophane tape, like the picture below:

IMG_20121022_230733, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android AppUntil recently I discovered deco tapes that’s made of fabric, I thought of salvaging the ugly handle. The tape didn’t cost me much (RM4.90 from Isetan if you are wondering) and if the handle is way beyond repair, i’ll just throw it away even though the bag itself is still pretty good condition.

And I got lucky because the fabric tape works really well and adds a bit of a colour to an otherwise dull colour.

Here’s the finished product.

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This Is How It All Began…

PhotobucketCredits to: Wikia

Did the above picture capture your attention? A cute/ weird little thing chomping on a lollipop while crying tears of happiness.

The little fella above has something gotta do with me and I’ll be giving you a bit of a history lesson about the blog’s name and background, thanks to Paris’ reply earlier on one of her blog post. It has inspired the randomness in me ahahaha.

So this post is quite a random filler post, as am a little run out of ideas of what to write about, and I don’t feel like churning out reviews even though I am testing out a few new things. But you know, reviews can always wait. Randomness can’t. 😉

Anyways, a trip down history lane!

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