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NOTW: China Glaze Deviantly Daring

deviantlydaring_2I have no love for this polish at first. I find the formula a little too thick and gloopy for my liking, and the brush didn’t fan out nicely as I had hope it would. I need to do 3 thin coats and wait for it to dry in between, otherwise I’d see bubbles forming. It leaves a bit of brush strokes too, if you are not careful. In short, the polish takes a bit of effort to work with. And it doesn’t help that I don’t see the duochrome shift that was shown on the bottle.

deviantlydaringHowever, as days goes by, I find myself liking the colour more and more, despite my initial dislike towards the formula and brush. I love that it makes my feet look clean and fair, and I don’t think I have such teal green polish in my stash either.

If only the formula was better and there’s no staining upon removal, that’d be great!

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China Glaze 108 Degrees & OPI Hong Kong Sunrise

Since it’s a public holiday in Malaysia, let’s keep things light and happy yes?

Was madly in love with both of this colours quite a while back. No complains on the application, the formula, the colour payoff and the drying time. Everything’s just perfect.

First up, China Glaze 108 Degrees from the Island Escape Collection

PhotobucketAwesome colour in the bottle, even better in person IMHO!

PhotobucketA beautiful raspberry red with bits of silver and fuschia shimmer bits that’s just pretty and I can’t stop staring at it! Blue toned red polish brings out the fairness in me, what else could I ask for more?

Next one, an orange nail polish that actually look good on me! Not that it’s a straight up orange, more like a burnt one?

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NOTW: China Glaze Midnight Mission


Anything with the word “midnight”, I’d look at it twice. Pretty or not, wanting it or not, that’s another story. But really, the word “midnight” is magical to me, LOL.

Maybe midnight’s the time when my imagination run wild and dream of all things impossible. *thinking of Yong Hwa-ssi* Oops. That’s my dirty little secret. Should say no more.


Where was I?

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