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NOTW: Topshop Green Room, Is It A Tiffany Blue?


A post inspired from Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Had always like this shade of greenish blue and when Karen blogged about it, I knew I had to get it and luckily for me, Topshop makeup is pretty easy to get. :D


Is it a Tiffany sort of blue? No idea, because poor little me don’t own anything from them! Boo, but maybe in the future… someday I will.

Apart from being a pretty colour, I think the nail polish is just… meh.

I tried doing thin coats but ended up getting streaky, super sheer nails. The brush is just okay, it’s quite thin and doesn’t fan out nicely. Maybe I am spoiled by OPI. Because I wasn’t too happy that it was sheer and streaky, I decided to do a thick coat and it went pretty well from there. The polish leveled itself nicely and when it dried to the touch, I did another thick coat, once fully dried, it dried to a slightly glossy finish, but I added a topcoat anyway.

Staying power is alright, I had about a week’s wear before I removed it, and no smurf staining! Yay!

Blushing Monday: Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch and Butterscotch

The supposedly short hiatus became an almost month long absence. Even my past month posts has been sporadic.

Sorry bout that.

And apologies to all who are waiting for my pending reviews. Oh dear me, what have I done? >_<

I was buried under work and everything else, and there was nothing that could lift my spirit. Naturally, blogging has to be put on hold.

Again, I apologize.

But I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel (for now), and I feel a little bit more positive, so I guess it’s a good time to get the blogging spirit up again :) And what made me perk up, well, you’ll know soon enough. Tee hee.

Done with my apologies and ramblings, and now we have 2 blush stories to be told!


Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch and Butterscotch

Now this is one of the things that perked me up, as this is a rare gift from TheBF. He isn’t the sort who’d buy me makeup and skincare because he knows I have more than enough to last me a lifetime and well, he much prefers to give me other more… reasonable stuff.

TheBF knows I haven’t been shopping as of late, due to numerous reasons, and his way of telling he knows that I deserve a little treat, is to buy me my crack, and that’s blush. :)

And it comes in two!


The polka dots are quite cute, though I prefer some other prints than polka dots.


Left: Pinch, Right: Butterscotch

TheBF picked up Pinch and Butterscotch, as those were the only 2 colours he saw. He said knowing me one who would buy all colours (the horror!) and he was worried he’d picked the wrong shade, he picked up both since it wasn’t too expensive and he thought the colours were pretty. Boy, am I pleased.


Before blending


After blending


After washing off with some running water

The staying power not too shabby eh? You still see some colour left even I wash it with water, quite waterproof me thinks. Staying power is decent on my normal skin, you get about 5 hours before the need to reapply comes up. It isn’t oily or sticky, but rather a powdery matte finish. I think the blush is quite lovely for something priced at RM33. Not too expensive and the packaging is quite cute too!

Well, I got no gripe on this since it’s a gift, but I heard that the makeup range is only available in Topshop KLCC , so am not sure if you can get this in other outlets. Any ideas on the availability?

By the way, ParisB shared her thoughts on these cream blushes too!

Okay, signing off now!

See you later!

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