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NOTW: Topshop Green Room, Is It A Tiffany Blue?


A post inspired from Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Had always like this shade of greenish blue and when Karen blogged about it, I knew I had to get it and luckily for me, Topshop makeup is pretty easy to get. 😀


Is it a Tiffany sort of blue? No idea, because poor little me don’t own anything from them! Boo, but maybe in the future… someday I will.

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Blushing Monday: Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch and Butterscotch

The supposedly short hiatus became an almost month long absence. Even my past month posts has been sporadic.

Sorry bout that.

And apologies to all who are waiting for my pending reviews. Oh dear me, what have I done? >_<

I was buried under work and everything else, and there was nothing that could lift my spirit. Naturally, blogging has to be put on hold.

Again, I apologize.

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