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Brushes: The Bad & The Good Part III

Here’s the final part for my brushes. 😀

Click here for Part I and II.

Brushes: The Bad & The Good Part I

Brushes: The Bad & The Good Part II


13. Elianto Foundation brush
14. Elianto powder brush
15. Arezia powder/ blush brush
16. Elianto fan brush
17. Elianto concealer brush

Elianto foundation brush, well, maybe it’s my technique, but I tend to get the streaky lines once a while. >_< It provides heavier coverage than #187, but I like the airbrush finish that #187 gives better. It's made out of synthetic hair, kinda firm but soft. I now use this to pat on cream blushers, NYX's one for now. I find it working quite well. But one thing to note though, use only this method for light colour or less pigmented cream blusher. I use this method with NYX Red Cheeks, and I ended up with really red cheeks! Maybe I applied too much. Will do another few more test. But to be safe, use this patting method with light or natural or sheer cream blushers. :) Continue reading

Plue’s Stash – Elianto Hydrate Aqua Blusher in 01 Sweety Pink

Elianto Hydrate Aqua Blusher in 01 Sweety Pink

I am reviewing this because I said I will play along for Paris’ little game called Let’s Play Shop In Your Stash.

Simple rules. Just pick something that you like and have it for 5 months or so but haven’t used it for a while and write about it! Easy? Yeap! Sure is!

Today I am introducing to everyone of you a little gem of Elianto *i think it is*, a cream blusher that’s quite nice!

I am not sure if this is still available, but I think it should be. Priced at RM9, no sure if the price is hiked up now, it’s really a sweet little thing.

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