NOTW: Topshop Green Room, Is It A Tiffany Blue?


A post inspired from Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Had always like this shade of greenish blue and when Karen blogged about it, I knew I had to get it and luckily for me, Topshop makeup is pretty easy to get. 😀


Is it a Tiffany sort of blue? No idea, because poor little me don’t own anything from them! Boo, but maybe in the future… someday I will.

Apart from being a pretty colour, I think the nail polish is just… meh.

I tried doing thin coats but ended up getting streaky, super sheer nails. The brush is just okay, it’s quite thin and doesn’t fan out nicely. Maybe I am spoiled by OPI. Because I wasn’t too happy that it was sheer and streaky, I decided to do a thick coat and it went pretty well from there. The polish leveled itself nicely and when it dried to the touch, I did another thick coat, once fully dried, it dried to a slightly glossy finish, but I added a topcoat anyway.

Staying power is alright, I had about a week’s wear before I removed it, and no smurf staining! Yay!

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