Laneige Star White Skin Refiner

I think my blog has been long abandoned. Well, no thanks to my current workload. I am actually slacking at the moment. TGIF people, TGIF! Can you blame me after having a really long and stressful week?

But I’ve cleared my work enough to allow me for some time to blog and do something other than work, so here’s a quick review.

I’ve been using this for 1 month? Or 2? I can’t remember. Memory’s failing me.


Laneige Star White Skin Refiner is my most expensive toner to date, and the million dollar question is…was the splurge worth it?

I was thinking whether to get this or Kose’s toner, which is a freaking RM200++ for a 300++ml toner. >_< Running short on cash at that time, I figure I’d settle for this, since it’s alcohol free, unlike Kose which is loaded with it (according to forums which I read from).


Comes with a seal top to ensure it’s freshness. I think most brands are doing it now. Or it has been this way for other stuff but I fail to notice? Nevermind. Not important anyway.

Comes in a screw top so it’ll not leak, but damn, why a glass bottle? Do you how careful I am each day when I use this because I am so worried about me being clumsy and break the whole bottle? My vanity table is quite high, you know. 😛 A minus point. Glass stuff are bad for travelling but classy. Heh.


This clear runny liquid does what it promises. I think most brightening/ whitening toner claim about the same thing.I notice if I use it with my palms and gently patting the toner in, it isn’t as sticky as when I use a cotton pad. When I use a cotton pad, I can see the difference in a clearer skin as in the cotton pad plus the toner removes dead skin cells compared to other whitening/ brightening toners that I’ve used before.

So in short, use palms you get less sticky face and skin feel more supple. Use cotton pad it’s sticky face but clearer skintone. Which one do you go for? I alternate between both. Haha! Best of both worlds!


Just for some fun reading. 😛

So, this toner is priced around RM100 or so for 160ml, which is decent if you have $$ to splurge. I think this works to a certain degree if your skin problem is mainly due to dehydration and not deep cleansing/ scrubbing as often as you should. If you have sallow skin because of work stress, late nights and all (like me), this will still work but you might not see a HUGE effect as you would hope to.

Why do I sound like I’m so sure it works that way? My dear, I started using this before work went overboard and I can see almost immediate results with this, now, my work is like killing me, and no mask/skincare could revive the glow I once had. 🙁 Faking the glow by concealing the yuckies is my best method for now.

So my advice, have a better lifestyle. Your skin will thank you for that.

Okay, off I go! Back to work!!!!

10 thoughts on “Laneige Star White Skin Refiner

  1. chian

    oooh girl, stress can really take away all the glow on our faces.
    I second your statement: have a better lifestyle. or better still, find a better job.


  2. Irene

    Welcome back plue! 🙂

    I hear not all forms of alcohol is bad. Kinda like silicone. But is toner really essential? I don’t buy toners but sometimes they come together with skincare packs so I just use them. I don’t really notice much difference 🙁


  3. plue Post author

    Chian: Ya! Stress is horrible! Can’t find a better job la~ I think all jobs the same 🙂

    Nikki: Yeah, a healthy lifestyle = happier you + skin 😀

    Irene: I’m not entirely back! LOL. Toner isn’t essential, but sometimes I like to use em as mask. Soak cotton pad with toner and voila, done! Toners do make a difference, but I guess it depends on how much you want the difference to be in order to say it’s effective 🙂

    Xin: Essence next!!!


  4. innerchild

    Hi, Plue! :DD Thanks for the review, I was interested in the Star White Refiner. I actually just bought one off of ebay (the White Plus version). I wonder how different the two are. I heard the White Plus one is more moisturizing. We’ll see. I hope everything gets better for you. Take care.


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  7. Charmaine

    Hi girl!
    I’m using Laneige toner as well..but from Snow Water series.
    I found it sticky when use with cotton pad too! will try it with hands then =)
    Good review and nice blog!

    By the way, feel free to visit my new beauty blog too. hehe =p


    plue Reply:

    Hello there! Try patting it in, might have some difference 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment ya! Do drop by again soon!


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