Pure & Mild White Brightening Cleansing Foam

Pure & Mild White Brightening Cleansing Foam

I hate dislike Pure & Mild White Brightening Treatment Mask, but this cleansing foam, I must say, I LOVE IT!

I usually use this in the mornings, as I require something that cleanses my face gently. I use another cleanser for the night, reviews will be up for that soon! I have been using this for a long long time, and there’s still quite an amount in the tube. A little goes a long way, you know. Going down to the basics, texture is a white creamy paste. It’s really foamy and bubbly after water is added. Good thing for the skin!

It has a really light floral scent, not too strong, just nice for the mornings. I like how the floral scent lingers, it refreshes the mind. The scent is very spring-like. :)

After cleansing, skin feels soft and smooth, and squeaky clean! I love to touch my face after washing, it just feels so good! Even if I have really light makeup (a little bit of concealer and blusher), it cleanses very well but doesn’t dry out the skin or leave the skin feeling taut.

And the best thing, it’s cheap!

Overall, this is a nice product from Pure & Mild. I must say, this cleanser is something I will repurchase in the future! Provided I don’t feel like trying any other cleansers out! 😛

8 thoughts on “Pure & Mild White Brightening Cleansing Foam

  1. Chian Li

    oOoh..I can never stick to one brand..ahha..always out trying new stuff..max also repurchase once only 😛

    but yeah, i agree that this face wash is pretty good and affordable.


  2. 心。葵

    it is quite nice 😀
    me hardly re-purchase
    unless i’m under really tight budget or if there’s nothing else left for me to try


  3. caroline

    hi girls !
    i'm living in France and last winter I was in Thailand during 4 months. Skin care moistures are really fantastic there and cheap ! I used everyday the Pure & Mild White brightening refreshing gel : great !!
    I'd like to know where can i find it and may be you can send me some if i send you money ?? i'm a pure & mild addict !!!


  4. 心。葵

    Hi Caroline!

    I'm not sure where you can get it in the Western countries, but Pure & Mild is available in Taiwan and China if I am not mistaken. It's targeted at Asian countries. :)

    心葵 @ plue


  5. sunflower

    hi there..!!
    i’d like to know where can i find pure & mild product in Malaysia.
    before this i can find at watson. but now, there is no more pure & mild product. and when i ask the promoter, they will say, “dont know.” huhuhu.


    plue Reply:

    Sunflower: It should be available in most pharmacies and supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Jusco etc. I haven’t been to Watson or those places for a while, but I can’t be sure. It might have already been discontinued or maybe they are doing some repackaging or something, but my guess it might have been discontinued.


  6. May

    I’m looking for Pure & Mild’s products too, especially the sun protector. Are there any other ways to get the products if its really discontinued?


    plue Reply:

    May: If it’s discontinued, i’m afraid to say there’s no where else u can get em, maybe during warehouse sales, but i think those wud be old stock :)


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